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((Yet hm?))

rp partner: i suppose our muses could be happy for once
me: or
me: OR
me: we kill them
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"Excuse me!"





~13. Crying~

It was one of those moments again. When you’re alone and you just need to let it out; Release the pain..

But this moment, this time, she wasn’t alone. She sniffed, turning her head towards the doorway. She wiped her tears, showing a small smile. “A-Ah.. H-Hi Honey…”

To that he wouldn’t mind allowing her to stand in his arms. She could stay in forever and he wouldn’t even mind. If that was what would make her feel better then so be it. He was fine, but she was not. He wouldn’t stand by and let the one he loved suffer alone. Not anymore.

"Hey… It’s alright," he spoke as he pulled her closer a tiny bit, resting his cheek on her head gently, "Whatever happened wasn’t your fault. It’s okay, you did what you thought was best. Sometimes we don’t have a choice and we have to think about others. Even if it means running away and leaving them behind…"

But he didn’t want her to feel bad. He may not have known what she was feeling a hundred percent right now but he was honestly trying to understand. “But never feel that it’s your fault, okay? It was never your fault dearest…”

And she could literally do just that; stay in his arms forever. This was the comfort that she needed..

When he pulled her closer, she nuzzled her face into his chest more, honestly trying her best to quiet the sobbing down. But he was right. She did do what he thought was best.. She just wanted to protect the ones she loved, even if that meant… Leaving and possibly never seeing them again.

It… Wasn’t her fault? Now this caught her attention and really got her thinking. She always sort of blamed herself for the things that happened back then.. But now that she thought of it- Was it really her fault..?

A small smile appeared on her muzzle as she looked up at him. “O-Okay.. And…. T-Thank you… F-For listening and all..”

He’d be her support. No matter what would happen, he’d always be there for her. No matter what. That was the promise that he had made to her, and that was what he intended to keep. If she wanted to stay in his arms forever, so be it. If that was to make her happy.

The smile was returned, giving her a soft kiss on her forehead. “Hey, it’s alright dearest. Though, I won’t ever leave you. Ever. If you ever need me, just say the word - just say it. I’ll come running and I’ll listen.” she had been through enough. Starlight didn’t want to see her suffer. It wasn’t her fault!

"I love you, you know that?"

She just felt so safe when he was around. She knew she was in good hands. She was in the hands of someone that she loved a lot..

Savannah smiled more from the soft kiss, a small blush on her face. “..I know you won’t..” She pulled him a bit closer, looking up at him. “D-Don’t worry, I’ll tell you whenever I need my prince..”

Now the hedgehog was grinning. “Of course I know that silly..” She rubbed her nose against his. “You know that I love you too right?”



She didn’t want him to leave. So why not take her with him? With a loud meow, she went over to where he was, and rubbed up against his leg. “Meow..” She then looked up at him, pawing at his shoe.

His eyes turned to the adorable kitten, who seemed that she didn’t want him…

A small purr came from her when he patted her head. Looks like someone liked to be pet. When he was knelt down, she stood on her hind legs and put her front paws on his knee. Then meowed twice for no. She didn’t want him to leave..

Someone to drop it off hm? Yeah, that could work..! Her tail swayed back and forth as she let out a small meow.








"Care for a dance?" And there she was, standing before him, a bit red in the face.

Oh gosh, she didn’t realize how nervous she actually was until now. She was focused on keeping Sonic calm the whole time, now she had to tell herself to do the same. Following him again, she stepped forward when he stepped back.

"I-I’ve tried it before, but I don’t know many moves. Or maybe I’m just not the type to break dance." A small shrug was given. "I think it’s really cool, the moves and all, and how the people are able to dance like that." She took a step forward.

Ah, maybe he could help with that? “Oh! Maybe I could help you sometime? Or show you perhaps? I know break dancing - it was part of my practising when I was younger,” and he used some of the moves back years ago when Emerl was around. “But it’s really fun.”

The music was very relaxing. Traditional for a dance, he had to admit there. Savannah had a great choice. “Okay, right. So, uh… I’m going to do the twirl thingy - you know, the part where I hold your hand and you turn?” oh jeez, he was being so adorable. 

She smiled brightly. “Sure..! I’d love to see you break dance, and I wouldn’t mind learning some things myself.” Ah, another thing they would have to do hm?

"Heh, the twirl thingy?" She giggled, looking up at him with a small nod. "Yes yes, I know what you’re talking about, go right ahead cutie."

Oh, he couldn’t help it. Every time she’d call him cutie, he’d always end up blushing and smiling. But hey, we knew that right? In fact, everyone knew that. “Okay then! So, uh… Right, so… I’ll start now,” and he stopped his footing, raising his arm. “Here we go.”

He actually wasn’t doing so badly! Wow, maybe those dance lessons really did help? Nonetheless, they would be helping for the future. At least he wouldn’t be alone on the dance floor. “And now…!”

Maybe that’s part of the reason why she called him that hm? It makes him act even cuter. “Okay dear..” Time to do the ‘twirl thingy’. Guess who was going to remember that whenever they danced.

So far they were doing pretty good. No mistakes yet, right? Oh now? Now..! She gave a small yet quick nod as she began to spin around, keeping her hand with his up in the air.




The hedgehog laughed at this the best she could with the Pocky in her mouth. “Heh, we’ll see about that, cutie.” We’ll see who wins this time. Who wins for real.

Let the game begin.

"Good, because you’re going down." he…

Neither of them would pull away right..? They even said that the Pocky was good and well.. So was the kiss.

She kept nibbling on her end, a small blush making its way onto her muzzle as she looked over at him.






~Send ” 웃 ” to get my character’s reaction to yours shoving them against a brick wall, covering their mouth, and whispering “Shh, they’re coming. Come with me.”~

"W-What..?" She said as she was shoved against the wall. She then looked up at him with a worried look, mumbling into his hand. "W-Who’s coming, Sonic..?"

She looked up at him as she listened to what he had to say. What happened to the past is the past? Cerulean should just leave the past where it should be, and leave the poor guy alone. And not caring about Manic? Her own son? She could understand why that would make Sonic upset.

"She should just leave you alone already…" She mumbled, looking off to the side a bit. What was making him feel guilty do? If anything, it would just make him upset and a bit angry. There’s no reason for that to happen.

"She isn’t the type to listen," he whispered, making sure to keep it down so that he couldn’t hear them. "She thinks that she is always right. Never wrong. Always one to fear. You know? I wish that I had never met her… But then I wouldn’t have gotten Manic…"

He closed his eyes. Poor Savannah shouldn’t have to be caught up in this madness. “Listen, I’m going to help you escape, alright? Make sure that she doesn’t come for you. You don’t need some crazy woman after you.” he had to be ex’s with someone who was a real cow, didn’t he?

Well she could see that she didn’t like to listen.. It was just horrible that Sonic had to deal with her. She still had to hold a grudge against him? “But she is wrong sometimes, right?” No one could be always right..

Manic.. He was right about that. Manic wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t of met her. Chaos..

She blinked when she heard this. “Help me escape? B-But what about you? You shouldn’t have to deal with her either…!” Keep your voice down Savannah.. “Just… You really shouldn’t have to deal with her anymore..”

His head turned to his girlfriend, a soft sigh escaped his lips. His eyes softened also, then gazed to the floor, then back at her. “How about we both escape together? In quiet? With that and my speed, she wouldn’t know what’ll hit her.”

It was worth a shot. Anything was worth was a shot right about now. “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. I’ll assure you. She ain’t winning, not when I’m around.” first, get Savannah out, and then himself. That would be the plan.

Escaping together was the best thing to do.. There was no way she would just escape on her own and leave him. No, she wouldn’t ever do that. “Y-Yeah… That sounds good..”

She tried her best not to worry.. But honestly, she couldn’t help it. What if they couldn’t escape in time? What if Cerulean caught them red-handed? Savannah looked up at him. She trusted him fully. He knew that she did right? Everything was going to be fine and there was nothing to worry about.