» ~Goodnight~

ahaha fun night uwu its pretty late though~ i wish you guys a happy Easter and I’ll see you all tomorrow! I love you~

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okay but

Savannah’s just so frickin happy and cute

look at that smile

And then there’s River

dude it’s just bunny ears calm down



I can’t B R E A T H E

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Renic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


(★Happy Easter Sunday!!!★から)


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((I was going through my inbox since I save some things in there and I thought that I might as well post this in case any of you like it uvu))

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Who am I?: muse doesnt know who they are nor remember anything. lasts for___ (or until they recollect their memories)

The Monster Inside Me: muse is a monster with no control over themselves. lasts for___

The Gift Of A Curse: muse has awesome powers (asker decides what…

9 gifs of Super Sonic

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She took a small leap to get out of his hands. She must’ve worried him.. He worries enough as it is, she didn’t have to make him even more on edge and nervous.

R-Run out? For cat food? Who knew if she could even eat it.. She didn’t even know what it tasted like. There had…

Mew~” A soft meow escaped as she turned onto her back and looked over at him. Why couldn’t there be collars that let animals talk like in the movies..? 

There’s gotta be something I can do to tell him. But what? Then an idea came to mind. She turned back around, crawled off of his shoe and ran out of the kitchen. To the bedroom she went.

Dear Diary,

Today is April 19, or the day before Easter this year. But it’s also my mom’s birthday. It’s been how many years now? 12? Somewhere around there. I wonder how old she is now. I hope her life is going well.. I hope she has people to look after her and give her the best birthday ever. Because she deserves it.

But I can’t help but imagine myself cooking breakfast for her this morning and just do whatever she wants. I want to do things that mothers and daughters usually do. I want to bond with her. Laugh with her. Cry with her. I just want to be with her. 

She has to be out there. She has to be alive. She has to be. She is. I know she is. I believe she is…. If I every meet her again… Will she remember me? Will she be happy to see me? Will she be mad? I ask myself these questions a lot..

But this isn’t about me. Mom, where ever you are, I wish you a Happy Birthday. And also a Happy Easter.

I love you.